NVvK / Dutch Offshore Sailing Club

Passion for offshore sailing, sharing knowledge and good seamanship.That is what it is all about in the Dutch Offshore Sailing Club. Interested? New members are very welcome!

The NVvK/ Dutch Offshore Sailing club has about 850 members: men and women, who sail on a recreational basis on the IJsselmeer, The Dutch Delta and Zeeland waters, Wadden Sea, North Sea and beyond. A few members crossed the Atlantic Ocean, rounded Cape Horn or passed Cape of Good Hope. Also several reputable yacht designers are counted among our members.

This makes us proud, but it is certainly not a condition for a club membership. NVvK members like to share their passion for offshore sailing with others. In the NVvK it’s all about having fun with offshore sailing, passing on expertise and strengthening the club ties.

The NVvK is an active club which organises numerous events. During wintertime the club has a full program of lectures,excursions and courses. During the sailingseason several rallies and trips are organized to e.g. the English East Coast, Denmark, Scotland, Belgium, but also the Lambertus Rally, a one day tideal rally around the isles of Texel and Vlieland. Every year we also do the Season Opening and Closing rallies to various destinations with interesting excursions, safety demonstrations and workshops.

Non members are allowed, as a form of introduction to the NVvK, to participate in the famous Delta Lloyd 24 hours Race, the North Sea Challenge Triangle, held every 2nd year, the Lambertus Rally and the Ankerbol Regatta.

Members receive six times per year our ‘Drietand’ magazine, with interesting articles , clubnews, event announcements and facts for sea going sailors and in Spring the well appreciated ‘Jaarboek’ ( Yearbook) is published, a unique 400 pages book of reference.

The NVvK is an offshore sailing club one is proud to be a member of…