NVvK / Dutch Offshore Sailing Club

The Dutch Offshore Sailing Club is all about a passion for coastal sailing, sharing knowledge and good seamanship. 

We cordially invite interested sailors to apply!

The Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Kustzeilers (NVvK; Dutch Offshore Sailing Club) is for those who love to sail coastal waters and beyond. It has over 750 active members with vast experience in sailing the seas, most of whom take part in our many events and love to share their knowledge and stories. Among our members are several reputable yacht designers and famous sailors. Our members take pride in being part of the NVvK.

The NVvK was established shortly after WW2 in January 1946. Before then, sailing the seas used to be mostly the domain of the wealthy, sailing large vessels with a professional crew. The founders of the NVvK, however, had set their sights on the less wealthy and had therefore stipulated that the LWL of member ships be less than nine meters. This was later dropped but the underlying idea is still in our DNA.

Above all the founders were seeking an active membership, rather than a social club. Members were (and are) therefore required to have sailed either a 100 nautical mile non-stop journey or a 300 nautical mile trip with stop overs. Not surprisingly, not many sailors of the day could fulfil this requirement so in it’s first year, and many years since, the NVvK organized a 100 mile race, providing candidates with the necessary opportunity to become a full member.

Nowadays that race no longer exists but a great alternative to help one become a full member is the Kustzeilers 24 Hour Race mentioned below, as are the Lowestoft trip, the small North Sea Triangle and the North Sea Triangle Challenge.

The NVvK is an active association packed with many interesting events. During wintertime there is an extensive program of lectures, excursions, courses and the odd sailing event for diehards. During the sailing season there is a multitude of rallies and trips, for instance to England, Denmark, Scotland and Belgium. One of our special events is the Lambertus Rally, a one-day tidal rally in the Wadden Sea around the islands of Texel and Vlieland. And then there are events such as the Delta Lloyd 24 hour race, Lowestoft trip, the Ankerbol Regatta, the North Sea Triangle (the small triangle) and the North Sea Triangle Challenge (the large triangle, held every 2nd year, sailing from Holland to Scotland to Norway and back to Holland). And of course occasional trips, such as to Chatham in 2017 to commemorate the not so friendly “visit” by Michiel de Ruyter in 1667 ad, referred to by some as the ‘Raid on the Medway’.

Naturally there are season opening and closing rallies to various destinations, which include extras such as excursions, safety demonstrations and workshops.

As an  introduction some of our events are open to sailors who are not (yet) a member. Events such as the famous Kustzeilers 24 Hour Race, the North Sea Triangle Challenge, the Lambertus Rally and the Ankerbol Regatta.

Members receive six times per year our ‘Drietand’ magazine, with interesting articles, clubnews, event announcements and facts for sea going sailors and in Spring the well appreciated ‘Jaarboek’ ( Yearbook) is published, a unique 400 pages book of reference.